Can you kill someone with an ATK in Fortnite?

With the introduction of the new All Terrain Karts we finally have a decent ride in the game after trundling around in shopping carts and hoping for the best. The Fortnite ATK locations (opens in new tab) are scattered around the map but the real question is: once you find them, can you kill someone with a Fortnite (opens in new tab) ATK? 

The ATKs are useful in many ways. For starters you can carry a full squad of four in there, so it’s already better than a cart. Plus you get a speed boost for drifting, and the roof doubles up as a jump pad when you need another kind of lift altogether. 

However, its lethal potential is a little harder to pin down. The short answer is, ‘yes, you can down and kill someone with an ATK.’ However, it’s a once in blue moon type of thing as we spent hours ramming into people in the interests of science and almost gave up. 

Almost, but not quite, because after hours of collisions and 50vs50 donuts we finally got a knockdown. While most of the time people just bounced off, we definitely got this knock once: 

Although given Fortnite’s less than consistent physics it’s hard to tell whether that’s actually a thing you can consistently do, or just a super lucky mix of angles and momentum – a full speed direct hit ram, with boost, doesn’t seem to have an effect so what we’re thinking is that the damage you can do with an ATK is minimal meaning you need to hit someone with single digit health to have any effect. 

It might also be the same for Fortnite ATK eliminations, which are even harder but also apparently possible: 

As you can see, we totally says got an elimination with a vehicle. There was no on-screen message this time though which just makes things even more confusing. But, the very fact that the message appears in the game at all must mean its something you’re intended to be able to do, no matter how hard or unlikely it appears to be.

If you’re trying to complete the Fortnite Road Trip Challenges (opens in new tab) then check out our guide for help. 

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