E3 2011: The 26 new game announcements that make this years show better than you think

It’s easy to look at this year’s E3 and moan about the lack of a GTA V or a Half-Life 3 or a Resident Evil 6 or a new F-Zero or whatever other much loved game you were keeping your pinkies crossed for that hasn’t showed its face. But hang on. Let’s back up. There have been new announcements. Lots of them. And there are some real good ones. Like this list of 26 new game reveals that make this year’s E3 much better than you might think Mr Grumpy Pants.

BioShock | PS Vita

A completely new BioShock adventure for Sony’s new handheld. That’s big news. Plus, it makes complete sense because the game features ‘Vita-Chambers’. Hahaha. Geddit? Vita. See? Vita.

Dance Central 2 | 360

A Kinect game we enjoy playing. Because we like dancing. And this time two people will be able to dance together at the same time either cooperatively or competitively.

Darksiders II | 360, PC, PS3, Wii U

Sure we knew this was coming, but its official reveal only happened last week. So we’re counting it as an E3 announcement. And the Wii U version was definitely an unknown title before the show.

Dragon’s Crown | PS3, PS Vita

A side-scrolling fantasy adventure for up to four players that will facilitate some kind of cross-platforming PS3/Vita hi-jinkery. It’s from Vanillaware, the people responsible for the rather gorgeous 2D RPG Odin Sphere. That’s a good thing.

God of War Origins Collection | PS3

Not quite God of War 4, but tasty all the same. The two God of War PSP games – Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta – will be bundled together for PS3. And will become magically playable in 3D.

Gravity | PS Vita

A lovely looking cel-shaded attention grabber. It also happens to be from Keiichiro Toyama – the man behind the spooky Siren series and the original Silent Hill. We’re not expecting this to be as unsettling as his previous work.

Halo 4 | 360

So the news about this leaked out hours before the big reveal at Microsoft’s conference, which kind of lessened the impact in a huge way. But still, it’s Halo 4 and it’s the start of a new trilogy and the reveal video had Master Chief in it. Boosh.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary | 360

This was on a lot of gamer wish lists. Includingours. And those wishes are coming true. Like a fairytale. But with space marines. This will be the original Halo with better visuals and Xbox Live multiplayer. But no fairies.

Hot Shots Golf | PS Vita

Hot Shots Golf (aka Everybody’s Golf) is the golf game we love the most because it’s 100% less likely to cheat on its wife than other golf games.

Killer Freaks from Outer Space | Wii U

New first-person shooter for Nintendo’s new console. We don’t know much about it yet, but it does have a multiplayer mode that’s gotDave all excited in his chair.

LittleBigPlanet | PS Vita

All the Vita’s funky touch inputs *should* make Sony’s game builder a much simpler experience. Because we’ll be using our actual fingers completely unaided by sticks.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 | 3DS

Another rare opportunity for Luigi to hog some of the limelight. By sucking up ghosts with his thingy. Not *that* thingy. But his vacuum cleaner thingy. And this time there’s more than one mansion. Woot.

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