The Division 2 Episodes 1-3 detailed ahead of free weekend

The Division 2 has been out for almost three months now and while we’ve had some new content like the first Division 2 raid (opens in new tab) and the Division 2 Classified Assignments (opens in new tab), we’ve yet to play any of the major content in the Year One pass. During Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference, more details were revealed and there’s not long to go until the first episode which will take players to the Washington National Zoo. Here’s the details straight from the Ubisoft blog (opens in new tab) about the next content coming to The Division 2 (opens in new tab):

Episode 1 is called D.C. Outskirts and will have players exploring outside of the main city for the first time, as you hunt for President Ellis and the leader of the Outcasts. One of the main areas you’ll explore is Washington National Zoo, which will have 11 different biomes in total, along with a brand new mode called Expeditions which involves co-operative challenges. D.C. Outskirts is due in July 2019, so there’s not long to wait at all. 

The second episode, Pentagon: The Last Castle, is due in Fall this year and has players entering the famous building to take on the Black Tusk in three new main missions. This is also when the second eight-player raid is due, which involves travelling to a “remote foundry” to take on the True Sons.

Finally, Brooklyn: Homecoming is the third episode, taking place on Coney Island. Someone is “trying to spread the Green Poison Virus”, but the episode isn’t due until early 2020, so it’s still some ways off.

If you’ve not jumped in on The Division 2 action by now, the game will be completely free on all platforms – PC, PS4, and Xbox One – from June 13 to 16. If you want to buy in afterwards, you can take advantage of some discounts of up to 40% until June 24 too. 

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