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SFX’s Canadian blogger Kell Harker shows her appreciation for the hosts of SPACE channel’s flagship entertainment genre show, InnerSPACE

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I think it’s a beautiful idea: an entertainment news show covering the “geekverse”, where fans keep informed about all genre things, where they can interactively debate and have intelligent conversations about what they love all while finding a sense of community. InnerSPACE is truly the most outstanding Canadian contribution to science fiction and all things geek. Airing Monday to Friday nights on the SPACE channel, the show is hosted by Teddy Wilson, Ajay Fry, and Cynthia Loyst, who give Canadians a reason to sit in front of the warmth of their televisions every evening.

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Not a lot of shows can give me exactly what I need as a geek, but InnerSPACE is the one program that does it for me. It’s a show of distinctiveness. From interviews with fan favourite genre celebrities, to heated and insightful episode discussions, all-day Doctor Who marathons, live screenings and meet-the-cast specials, on-site convention reports, Ajay Fry’s multiple marriage proposals to Primeval star Hannah Spearritt… InnerSPACE goes above and beyond to satisfy my needs. Always with passion for what they do, the dynamic banter and energy between the hosts fills every episode with creativity and joy, as well as humour that will make you howl with laughter.

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Needless to say it’s been easy to develop crushes on Teddy and Ajay; they’re just so wizard! The best part: they appreciate their fans. I was lucky enough to first meet Teddy and Ajay at Halifax’s first sci-fi convention, Hal-Con – I’ve been stalking them at Toronto conventions ever since – and I can honestly say that Teddy and Ajay are two of the nicest, geekiest, funniest and energetic human beings I’ve ever met. It really is impressive and speaks to their characters how gracious and accessible they are to their fans; they want to hang out and get to know them. And this one time at Hal-Con, Teddy played with my goggles…

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They’ve managed to create a family out of a forum, so it’s hard to feel alone when there are geeks across the provinces expressing their opinions and interacting together on the show through email, webcam, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s a program that gets you excited about what you love about the genre, and it’s a program that forces you to have fun while watching it.

Thank you, InnerSPACE for everything you do for us geeks. You guys frakking rule. So say we all!

PS Ajay Fry, will you marry me?

InnerSPACE airs in Canada Monday to Friday on the SPACE channel. You can visit the official website for more information about the show, cast bios, photos, and more.

Many special thanks to publicist Nicola Krishna for providing some of the photos for this blog.

Please feel free to leave your appreciation and marriage proposals for the InnerSPACE hosts in the comments section below.

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