Assassins Creed III developer interview – Assassination on the high seas

Climbing up buildings, diving into hay piles, and driving wrist-blades into Templar skulls are the images that come into mind at any mention of the Assassin’s Creed series. But after Assassin’s Creed III drops in late October, those thoughts might include sailing ships, open water, and exploding cannon balls. We got a sneak peek at one of the ship-to-ship fighting sections during a visit to the Ubisoft offices, and had a glimpse at the key players who will take part in the historic Battle of the Chesapeake. Check out our video interview with the developers to get all of the details.

At the event, we got hands-on time with game’s protagonist, Connor, and take command of the Aquilla, an American battle ship. When you take the helm, you are in complete control of the ship and crew. You can raise the sails to full mast to reach top speed or drop them down if you prefer to sit dead in the water. Sailing around is easy enough, but destroying enemy ships in a naval battle can be a tricky affair. To cause any significant damage, you must maneuver your broadside toward an enemy ship so you can unleash a barrage of cannon fire. But you won’t be firing on stationary targets. Enemy ships also attempt to get to an advantageous position, which turn duel between the lumbering ships into a high-seas dance of death.

With so much action swirling around you, it also makes the entire experience that much more exhilarating. Gunners and crewmen will scurry about the deck reloading cannons and bracing themselves for enemy barrages, and the sea itself also seems completely unpredictable. At one moment, the waters will be calm, and the next moment you’ll be caught up in swells that are higher than your ship. Assassin’s Creed III will hit stores on October 30 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Take a look at the action for yourself in the trailer below.

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