AMY trailer explains the games deadly Contamination mechanic

With AMY, developer Vector Cell believes it’s come up with a fresh take on a crowded genre, as this trailer shows. Here you’ll learn the basics behind the game’s “Contamination” mechanic. AMY features plenty of undead for fighting and/or avoiding – but if you don’t keep an eye on your Contamination, your character will be walking with the zombies.

Above: Freaky Eternal Darkness-style sensory degradation effects have a long way to go before we get sick of them

Originally announced as a PSN exclusive, AMY is now slated for release on XBLA and PC later this fall. Eager to ensure audiences don’t confuse the title with a guns-blazing sci-fi horror, Vector Cell promises further insights into the game’s more measured play style in the lead up to launch. We previewed the game way back in April and were eager to see more.

Oct 6, 2011

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