Airplane co-creator in talks for three film deal

The man behind hit comedies such as Airplane and Naked Gun: The Smell Of Fear has secured a new three-picture deal to write and direct.

David Zucker (best known for his work with Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams) is apparently close to putting ink on a document that would see him create a new trilogy of comedy movies.

According to the official announcement, the three films will be very much in the style of The Naked Gun franchise.

“Following this blueprint for success, David Zucker Entertainment’s next series of pictures will employ the same audience pleasing, parody comedy style against the theme and backdrop of the Secret Service, espionage and international spies, utilising many of Hollywood’s top stars in a variety of roles.”

If you’re telling TF we’re about to get three new versions of cult classic Top Secret! , count us in!

If you’re about to offer up three spy comedies as funny as Get Smart ( TF review, two stars) then you can keep The Secret Secret Service – apparently the title for the project – to yourself!

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