Watch new Prometheus viral clip featuring Noomi Rapace online now


Prometheus (opens in new tab) ‘ disjointed advertising campaign continues to veer from spoiler-heavy clips to intriguing specifically made virals.

Thankfully, today’s instalment falls into the latter category and is as brilliant as the Ted Talk (opens in new tab) and David ads (opens in new tab) that preceded it.

It features Noomi Rapace’s scientist Dr. Elizabeth Shaw asking Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) for financial assistance to secure the services of the Prometheus.

It’s our best look yet at Rapace’s philosophical and determined Shaw, who deploys a mixture of charm and steely resolution in her attempts to gain Weyland’s support.

But she’s not the only interesting element of the latest viral – the Yutani company makes its first appearance in the Prometheus universe, via the polygraph device Weyland uses to view Shaw’s video message.

Watch the viral to see how Yutani’s technology turns a heartfelt plea into a fairly sinister examination, by watching the viral below.

As much as we love this latest creepy piece of viral advertising, we can’t help but wish Fox would turn off the promotional tap now – we’ve seen enough and are more than ready to pay for our ticket to see Prometheus in 3D.

To be honest, we were ready after the first trailer.

Still, not long to wait now – Prometheus opens in UK cinemas on 1 June.

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