Watch the Hitman: Absolution E3 demo in its entirety

Did you read our E3 preview for Hitman: Absolution and wish you were standing in the room with us, watching over our shoulders? Now your wish is answered just a few short months later in this new video. Here’s nearly 17 minutes of Agent 47 in action and see why we’re so excited IO Entertainment is returning to its signature series.

Starting off with Agent 47 pinned down in a Chicago library, he’s rarely been this vulnerable before as he’s unarmed with the police searching for him. Then watch as he slowly and methodically takes out the cops and makes his way to safety. Though we felt excited as it began, soon another feeling set in: frustration that we couldn’t control the game ourselves and experiment with the level. Just how many other paths exist that weren’t taken? Watch for yourself and dream about how you’ll play this stage next year.

Oct 11, 2011

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