Twisted Metal goes gold, includes ability to be Sweet Tooth in Starhawk

Sony Santa Monica’s Twisted Metal is still a few weeks away, but the company has announced a couple of bonuses to help reintroduce players of 2012 to Sweet Tooth et al. Every copy of the title, producer Chad Cox announced today, will come with a voucher to unlock Sweet Tooth as a playable skin for the Outcast side in Sony’s upcoming title Starhawk.

Cox has also made it known that the free download of Twisted Metal: Black, announced earlier this month along with the game’s US release date of Feb 14, will be available with the Limited Edition of the title. In this case, “Limited Edition” means “limited to as many copies as we get pre-orders for” – which is to say, if you like Twisted Metal, put some money down and you’ll get two Twisted Metals and the opportunity to play as Axel (the vehicle, not the character) 30 days before everyone else. Are Starhawk skins and classic Twisted Metals enough to get you to buy the game day one?

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