Trials Evolution achievement guide

Not often does the obtaining of achievements feel so much like… achieving something. Well, this is certainly the case with Trials Evolution, where most of the skill-based achievements land under the “F this, I’m going to grab a sandwich instead” category. Getting the full 400g takes patience, skill, and determination. Oh, and a guide wouldn’t hurt. So here you go…

Beyond the Wall of Pain


Smash your bike and break every bone in one spectacular crash.

If you haven’t already obtained this achievement by accident, load up the track ‘Roller Coaster’ under “Terminal Velocity,” reach the finish line, and wait for the bombs to drop.

Burnt to a Crisp


Pass ‘Lab Rat’ without faulting while constantly on fire.

You cannot be doused by the water pipe at the beginning or the pool of water about one-third of the way through the race. You can’t stop either, or you’ll explode. Throttle usage is the most important factor during this run, so listen carefully and take note of when it is being used and when it isn’t. Below the video are some tips. Good luck!

– Beginning: Wait about 2-3 seconds for the water pipe to fall, then merely tap the gas and go full throttle off the blue container to continue.

– Drain the pool: Make sure you have enough speed to hop over the high pipe above the small pool. This will drain the pool and allow you to stay lit.

– Platform to platform at checkpoint 7: The trick here is to use just the right amount of speed to land square on the checkpoints platform so that you can do a slight bunny hop to the next platform.

– Two levels of scaffolding: Make sure to jump onto the higher scaffolding at about the 33 second mark, and come off of it slowly in order to properly time the next jump.

– The final ramp: Make sure to land with your back tire just slightly before your front, lean forward, and use only about half of your throttle.

Check Out My Ride


Join a public multiplayer match using at least five custom bike and rider parts.

Pretty much self-explanatory. Either buy or paint your helmet, shirt, pants, gloves, and bike, then play a quick public multiplayer match.

Community Spirit


Post a time on another player’s custom created track.

From “Track Central,” select “Get Tracks.” To make this real easy, do a custom search for a beginner level track.

Custom Finish


Host and finish a Private or Local Multiplayer match on a User-created Track with at least 2 players.

First, download a Supercross track by selecting “Track Central” from the main menu, then “Get Tracks.” If you don’t have any Trials friends, or just want to get this achievement quickly, use another controller and fire up a local multiplayer match. Use your downloaded match to unlock this achievement.

Demon on Wheels II


Pass every track in the Flatliner Event.

The Flatliner Event is unlocked after you’ve obtained 135 medals. There’s not much to say here other than good luck! For tips, watch leaderboard replays of the record holders.

Extreme Prejudice


Complete any Extreme track.

To gain access to the Extreme tracks, unlock the “Trials Trophy” event by obtaining 135 medals.

Fast Five


Win five matches in public multiplayer.

Self explanatory. Try to do this after you’re comfortable with the game but before you level up your multiplayer rank. That way you should get some easy opponents while your level is still low.

Flawless Victory


Finish the ‘Scenic Route’ Tournament without any faults.

This just takes practice and skill. Replay the individual tracks repeatedly until you are comfortable enough to tackle this intimidating challenge.

From the Ashes


Finish all tracks in the Walk in The Park Event using the Phoenix 250cc.

The Phoenix bike is unlocked after you pass your A license test. The rest is cake.

Full Throttle II


Finish ‘Archipelago’ without faulting or ever releasing the throttle.

Use the Scorpion and do your best to mimic the video. If you need to, you can use the brake, though it is not necessary.

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