Tony Starks lucky day? The new Avengers: Endgame trailer teases a big rescue and an epic final stand

Avengers 4 (opens in new tab): Endgame has been so focused on those who died in Infinity War (opens in new tab) that we haven’t had time to stop and think about those left behind. Thankfully, the Avengers: Endgame Super Bowl trailer (opens in new tab) has just landed and managed to offer up some hope when it comes to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and their attempts to fight back from the traumatic events of Avengers: Infinity War (opens in new tab). Watch the new Endgame trailer above and then start wishing the days away until April 26…

So, where do we start? The Russo Brothers had already teased (opens in new tab) a new Endgame trailer, but I don’t think anyone was expecting this: A Leftovers-style look at a world torn apart and emptied by Thanos’ snap at the end of Infinity War. Cap is attending a group therapy session, Black Widow is taking out her anger in a target range, and Tony Stark is making some new gear with Nebula in space.

Wait, what?

This isn’t a drill, people: Tony Stark has been rescued. Or, at least, has come into contact with a friendly-ish face in the form of Nebula. It’s a quick shot in the trailer but it’s clear that Marvel clearly want to throw us a bone with an optimistic trailer completely at odds with the down and dready debut Avengers: Endgame trailer in December.

We even end with perhaps the most uplifting MCU shot in years: the Avengers (or, at least, what’s left of them) are assembling for potentially their final stand against the Mad Titan. It’s ambiguous enough to have us wanting more, which is the best kind of trailer. And it’s given us every reason to believe that Endgame is going to be an MCU movie unlike any other.

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