Tom Hanks as Walt Disney on set of Saving Mr. Banks: first look

Tom Hanks has been snapped in character as Walt Disney on the set of Saving Mr. Banks .

Twitter user Melissa Farley (opens in new tab) caught the photo of Hanks as filming was taking place at Disneyland.

It’s easy to imagine Hanks mastering the avuncular charm we expect this filmic version of Disney to possess. In fact, with his side parting, ‘60s suit and tiny moustache, we’ve already got an inkling that Hanks could be a shoo-in for Supporting Actor nods come early 2014. Just a hunch.

The film looks at the troubled production of Mary Poppins , with the focus aimed squarely at Poppins novelist PL Travers (with flashbacks to her Australian youth expected).

Emma Thompson plays Travers, with Colin Farrell and Paul Giamatti co-starring.

Directed by John Lee Hancock ( The Blind Side ), Saving Mr. Banks opens in the US on 20 December 2013.

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