This dancing Psyduck toy from KFC is currently fetching $200 on the resellers market

A dancing Psyduck toy released as part of a promotion by KFC China, is currently fetching $200 on the resellers market.

As shared by Daniel Ahmad on Twitter (opens in new tab), the dancing Psyduck toy is currently being offered in kids’ meals at KFC in China, in honor of Children’s Day on June 1. Customers have been able to pick up the Psyduck toy, as well as two Pikachu toys, but only one of them has become extremely lucrative. 

KFC China is running its Pokémon toy promotion for Children’s Day (June 1) where a kids meal comes with a Pikachu or Psyduck toyThe Psyduck toy has gone viral on social media given its dancing capabilities and is selling out quickly. Listings online are priced up to $200 atm 24, 2022

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Pokemon collector’s market aside, it’s not clear why this probably cheaply manufactured toy is garnering so much attention. It has, however, gone viral on social media, and who can blame it? Especially since the usually uptight Pokemon looks as though it’s having a great time waving its arms around to the music.

It’s not clear whether the Pikachu version is selling for as much, as by the looks of promotional photos, Psyduck seems to be the more endearing of the three. 

One lucky Twitter user (opens in new tab) seems to have been ahead of the trend, and as a result, is now sitting on a goldmine. In a video shared to Twitter, we can see this person managed to get their hands on not one, not two, but eight dancing Psyduck toys. That’s around $1,600 total if resold online! 22, 2022

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This isn’t the first time Psyduck has unexpectedly cost Pokemon fans a lot of money, as back in early 2021, Japanese jewellery company U-Treasure unveiled its gold Psyduck necklace as part of its gaming-inspired collection. At the time, the unusual trinket was priced at  ¥110,000 (approx £760 / $1044), however due to its limited edition nature, is probably now worth even more. 

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