The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Spirit Temple walkthrough

After toppling Bongo Bongo and the Shadow Temple, head west of Hyrule Field to Gerudo Valley and Gerudo Fortress. Before long the Gerudo warrior women will toss you in jail; use the Longshot to escape and then slink through their headquarters without being seen. Along the way, you’ll rescue several construction workers, each of whom is protected by a sword-wielding Gerudo. Once you’ve befriended these thieves, you’ll have to enter their training ground and acquire the Ice Arrows.

When you’ve accomplished that, continue west into the desert. Use the Longshot to cross a moat of quicksand, then equip the Lens of Truth to make a ghostly guide visible; without him, you’ll roam the desert forever. Eventually you’ll come to the Desert Colossus. Enter, then exit and learn the Requiem of Spirit from Sheik, then return to the Spirit Temple as Young Link.

Get: Silver Gauntlets, Mirror Shield, Gold Skulltulas x5, Heart Container

The initial trip through as Young Link is rather straightforward. Returning as Adult Link requires a bit more thought, but other than some light-bending puzzles, there’s nothing you haven’t already faced. After obtaining the Silver Gauntlets, you’ll have to return as an Adult and complete the temple.

Above: If you run past this floating Anubis enemy, it will hover over to the locked door. Use the Fairy Slingshot to trigger the switch, which will set the monster ablaze

Above: This odd-looking rock can only be asploded with a well-placed Bombchu

Above: These tough-as-nails Darknuts pack a wallop. Keep away from their heavy swings (which can break pillars, revealing hearts) and strike while they prepare for another swing

Above: As Adult Link, use the Longshot to zip across this statue’s hands

Above: Use these snake statues to bounce light from one room to the next

Fighting Twinrova: By now you have the Mirror Shield. When one sister fires her magic beam at you, hold R to raise your shield and reflect the spell back at the other sister (fire magic at the ice sister, ice magic at the fire sister). Soon they’ll combine into Twinrova and change tactics. Now, use the Mirror Shield to absorb three of the same magic blasts in a row, which will then fire a retaliatory blast back at Twinrova. Attack her while she’s stunned at repeat. Note: you must absorb three in a row – if you’ve sucked in two fire spells, avoid any ice spells she tosses and vice versa.

The final battle approaches – your next stop is Ganon’s Castle!

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