The Last of Us remake gives Tess a glow up, and she looks more human

The Last of Us remake developer Naughty Dog has shared a PS3-to-PS5 comparison video of character Tess, and she looks so much more human than she did before.

In a short video shared by Naughty Dog on Twitter (opens in new tab), we can see just how much Tess has improved visually since her original appearance in The Last of Us back in 2013. Compared to her original look, Tess looks so much more realistic and closer to the age she is supposed to be (the character is said to be in her 40s), and she isn’t the only one as Joel also looks subtly older than he originally did pre-The Last of Us 2 too.

Tess’ glow up ✨@Wersching9 years ago vs. September 2, 2022 — #TheLastofUs Part I 14, 2022

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Not everyone likes change, though, as some fans have pointed out in the replies to the tweet that Tess now looks unrecognisable. Others have also pointed out that all of the characters in The Last of Us Part 1 have had a technological glow up, so why would the smuggler be any different? There’s also some worried about a certain scene in the game which might be even more difficult to watch now that the characters look that little bit more real. 

In case you missed it, officially announced during Summer Game Fest 2022 (and unofficially leaked by PlayStation just hours before) The Last of Us has been remade for PC and PS5 consoles. Suitably named The Last of Us Part 1, the new version of the game will be “the definitive version” of Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic adventure (according to director Neil Druckmann) and will feature upgraded visuals, modernised gameplay, improved controls, and expanded accessibility options. 

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