The first Captain Marvel trailer features Blockbuster, *that* pager, and granny punching (yes, really)

The new Captain Marvel (opens in new tab) trailer is here and, oh boy, is it a doozy. Giving us a glimpse of Carol Danvers’ origin, a young Nick Fury, Blockbuster Video (!), and more, there’s more than enough here to whet our appetite for the rest of 2018. Let’s dive in, shall we?

As it’s only a teaser trailer, there’s not a whole lot to go on, but on the plus side: yay, Marvel has finally stopped putting every single amazing moment into one trailer so we know how the entire movie plays out. Still, what we’ve got is more than good enough.

Carol Danvers goes crash, bang, wallop

So, this is how we say hello to Captain Marvel. Judging by the trailer, Carol falls right into a freakin’ Blockbuster. I guess that’s how we know this is taking place 20-plus years ago and, yup, that makes us all very old.

There’s a young Nick Fury!

Aww, look how carefree he is. He was going to pack it all in before meeting Captain Marvel, according to the trailer, but now he’s found a new lease of life. Probably something to do with all those car chases he was talking about. Still, at least he’s not quite grouchy yet *and* has both of his eyes. For now.

They can’t do this alone…

Nick Fury tells, presumably, Carol Danvers that – and he’s not far wrong. We get quick shots of Jude Law’s mysterious character, the Starforce team, a baby-faced Agent Coulson, and even a quick, ominous shot of the pager from the Avengers: Infinity War post-credits scene (opens in new tab). Watch out, Thanos, there’s a new team in town.

Captain Marvel: granny puncher

Out of context, that must look terrible but Captain Marvel probably has a very good reason for laying the smackdown on an OAP. Namely, the Skrulls – those green-skinned aliens we spied at the beginning of the trailer – and their shape-shifting abilities will cause trouble on Earth. It’s better safe than sorry but don’t try this at home. Or on the bus. Or anywhere, really.

Is this a reverse origin?

Throughout the trailer, we keep seeing glimpses of Carol Danvers before whatever turned her into Captain Marvel. Carol, herself, doesn’t even remember her past life. Could we be getting that very rare thing, an origin story that plays out in reverse via flashbacks? Who knows, but one thing appears to be certain: we’re swerving the whole played-out origin story.

We’ve even got a brand-new poster, too. Marvel, you shouldn’t have!

Captain Marvel is just one of a bunch of upcoming movies (opens in new tab) coming your way very, very soon. Keep track right here.

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