Amazon unveils bloody NSFW trailer for The Boys: Diabolical

Prime Video released the first full-length trailer for the animated spinoff series The Boys: Diabolical. 

The new series tells eight different stories set in the universe of Amazon’s gritty superhero satire The Boys. Each 12-to-14 minute episode each has a different animation style, with creators drawing inspiration from Korean dramas, anime, Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland, and The Boys original comic, as well as a different writer. Each tale comes from the “wonderfully damaged minds” of Andy Samberg, Awkwafina, Garth Ennis, Eliot Glazer, Ilana Glazer, Justin Roiland and Bayouth, Aisha Tyler, and Simon Racioppa.

The impressive voice cast includes Michael Cera, Giancarlo Esposito, Don Cheadle, Jason Isaacs, Kevin Smith, Kenan Thompson, Elisabeth Shue, Christian Slater, Caleb McLaughlin, Kieran Culkin, Antony Starr, Kumali Nanjiani, Nasim Pedrad, Youn Yuh Jung, and Simon Peg.

One of the episodes, titled “One Plus One Equals Two,” provides an origin story for The Boys’ main antagonist Homelander, played by Antony Starr. In the trailer, Homelander makes an off-color comment about using his “gifts to help make the world a better place,” possibly implying that there was some good in him before he became a full-fledged supervillain.

The animated series is the second offshoot of The Boys, the other being a live-action spinoff described as “part college show, part Hunger Games” that takes place at the only US college for young superheroes. Season 3 of the original series is currently in production.

The Boys: Diabolical premieres March 4 on Prime Video. For the best shows on the streaming app, check out our list.

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