Texas Chainsaw Massacre review roundup: Netflixs horror sequel is being called a “nostalgia cash cow”

Texas Chainsaw Massacre arrives on Netflix today – but what’s the verdict?

The movie is the ninth installment in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise and serves as a direct sequel to the original film, which was released in 1974. The character of Sally Hardesty, the only survivor of Leatherface’s killing spree in the ’70s movie, returns, while John Larroquette reprises his role as the story’s narrator. 

This time around, though, Sally is played by Olwen Fouéré – the character’s original actor, Marilyn Burns, passed away in 2014. Similarly, Leatherface is now being played by Mark Burnham after Gunnar Hansen died in 2015. The reboot also stars Elsie Fisher (Eighth Grade), Sarah Yarkin (Happy Death Day 2U), and Jacob Latimore (Detroit).

We’ve rounded up what the critics are saying about Texas Chainsaw Massacre to give you an idea of what to expect diving into the film. Don’t worry, everything below is totally spoiler-free, so you can read whether you’ve seen the movie or not. 

IGN (opens in new tab) – 5/10

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre fails to redefine Leatherface’s legacy any better than the sequels and remakes it leaves in the rearview. Those who only value slashers based on their body count and murderous creativity might give this pure guts, no glory slasher a pass.”

The Guardian (opens in new tab) – 3/5

“In a breathlessly brutal 83-minute runtime, there’s little time for thinking, probably for the best, given the thinness of the material and some of the mistakes made within it, but first-time director David Blue Garcia finds ample time for suspense, making the most of his unique location and milking just about enough seat-edge frights from the reheated ingredients.”

Deadline (opens in new tab) 

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 is another casualty of turning an already established story into a nostalgia cash cow. The real horror here is the modernizing of the content by merging social media, social issues, and Twitter buzz words in a careless fashion that makes it hard to latch onto anything substantial.”

The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab)

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre doesn’t exactly offer anything new (2013’s Texas Chainsaw 3D, a previous attempt at a sequel to the original, at least featured more than one dimension), but gorehound fans who rejoice at watching people’s innards fall out of their bodies will find much to appreciate.”

LA Times (opens in new tab)

“An inventive first kill sets a standard that the movie can’t match in the dozens of fatalities that follow. Leatherface’s relentless carnage is simultaneously too much and not enough, with each successive murder earning less of a reaction. More blood? Shrug. This cannot be a healthy way to feel, but Texas Chainsaw Massacre never evokes the fear that was the hallmark of the original and settles only for disgust at the volume of viscera. The 1974 film was a nightmare that felt too close to reality, but this is merely unpleasant – and not in a good way.”

Digital Spy (opens in new tab) – 3/5

“It’s undeniably fun to see Leatherface unleashed again and in terms of being an effective and bloody horror ride, there’s a lot to enjoy in Texas Chainsaw Massacre if you’ve got a strong enough stomach. It might not hold a candle to the original, but very few horror movies can and, faint praise or not, we’ve seen far worse Texas Chainsaw sequels.”

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is streaming on Netflix now. If you’re in need of further viewing inspiration, check out our list of the best Netflix movies to watch next.

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