Teen Wolf 2.12 “Master Plan” REVIEW

Teen Wolf 2.12 “Master Plan” TV REVIEW

Episode 2.12
Writers: Tim Andrew & Russell Mulcahy
Director: Jeff Davis

THE ONE WHERE Gerard has a plan, Chris plays for the other team and Jackson finally gets what he wants.

VERDICT It’s the last episode of season two, so it was only right that the show’s two main motivators – Tim Andrew and Russell Mulcahy – should come together to wrap everything up. Last week, we were left with a seemingly dead Jackson and a missing Stiles. I can safely say that in “Master Plan” things get a whole lot messier.

As Jackson is taken to the hospital, Scott’s mother takes it upon herself to ride along in the ambulance to investigate. What she finds is that Jackson isn’t dead at all but rather morphing into something bigger and stronger. Meanwhile, Stiles has, in fact, been kidnapped by Gerard. Thrown into the basement, with nothing but a few muttered cries, he’s faced with a tied-up Erica and Boyd. Despite his efforts, the two are held up with electrified wires so there’s no hope of rescuing them. As Gerard enters the basement and gives Stiles a good beating, it’s clear that “Master Plan” will be Michael Hogan’s time to shine and boy, does he enjoy the villainous limelight.

Thankfully, Stiles escapes and is reunited with a worried Sheriff Stilinski. The pair have really come a long way in their relationship since the start of the season and it’s a heartfelt moment watching Linden Ashby and Dylan O’Brien working so well together. I can’t help but wonder how Stiles got away but there’s plenty of action to keep you occupied.

Thinking that Jackson is dead, Lydia shows up at the Stilinski household. As she finds gifts that Stiles intended for her birthday, there are flickers of romance that make you root for Stiles that little bit more. It doesn’t last long though, as Stiles finishes their scene by screaming at Lydia for putting her life in danger. It’s a great scene for the young actors and Holland Roden has really proved herself a worthy cast member these past few episodes.

Scott and Isaac take Jackson to Derek and Peter, after they’ve promised to save Jackson from whatever he’s turning into. As we all know, Teen Wolf never really goes to plan and the two Alphas are actually adamant on killing the Kanima. As the boys drag Jackson to the hideout, who should show up but Chris Argent? After witnessing Gerard’s influence upon his only daughter, it’s clear that Chris has had enough of his father pushing him around. It’s great that we got to see a different side to Chris and JR Bourne deserves some serious screen time come season three.

The pack is not alone, as Gerard and Allison soon turn up to cause havoc. As Jackson erupts into his Kanima-state, Derek, Isaac and Scott all morph into their wolf-selves. This is the absolute highlight of the episode, as the theme music kicks in and we get to witness some fighting moves. It may be a little corny, but this is Teen Wolf at its best.

Suddenly, the Kanima has Allison in tow, causing the whole group to become confused by Gerard’s tactics. It turns out he is dying from cancer and intends to be bitten by Derek in order to survive. After a few clichéd “No’s!” and “You’re a monster!”s, Scott picks Derek up to do the deed. As we cower behind our sofas and wonder why Scott is doing this, it all becomes clear once the black liquid starts pouring from Gerard’s wound. It turns out Scott had a plan all along. Whilst Gerard thought he was taking his cancer medication, Scott – along with Dr Deacon – had swapped his medication with Mountain Ash; remember the stuff from “Raving?” You got it!

As Michael Hogan gives Gerard a deserved “death”, Lydia is the only one who can bring Jackson back from his Kanima form. Thanks to a cheesy flashback, it is the key that he gave to Lydia that enables him to remember his true self. As he morphs back to normal, Derek and Peter are quick to take their opportunity and slice their claws into him. The two Hales’ have been brilliant this episode; providing some light comic relief with a few cheeky one-liners, it’s great to see the character development.

As Jackson falls to his death, the dialogue between Holland Roden and Colton Haynes is surprisingly emotional. It’s their best performance of the season and it’s easy to see why it brings a tear to Stiles’s eye. But all is not what it seems and Jackson erupts back to life as a… you guessed it… Werewolf! So he finally got what he wanted; he just had to go through a few killing sprees first.

The episode ends with plenty of cliffhangers to get you excited for season three. Erica and Boyd escape to find another pack in the forest; Allison breaks up with Scott and Derek and Peter tell Isaac that new pack is coming. It’s not just any pack though – it’s a pack of Alphas.

Bring on season three!

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BEST BIT Dr Deacon and Ms Morrell provide a fitting cliffhanger for season three. I can’t wait to see what these two get up to next time.

Chris Argent: “Aren’t you going to tell me what happened at the game?”
Gerard: “ Didn’t you hear? We won.”
Chris: “I was talking about Jackson.”
Gerard: “So was I.”

Sammy Maine

Teen Wolf season two has finished airing in the UK on Sky Living

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