Tarsem Singhs Snow White movie finally gets an official title

After months in nameless limbo, Tarsem Singh’s Snow White movie finally has a name.

And it’s… Mirror Mirror . Well, at least it’s a little more distinctive than Untitled Snow White Project , which it will need to be as it’s going head to head with Kristen Stewart vehicle Snow White And The Huntsman .

For a handy reminder, this version stars Lily Collins as the titular pale-skinned beauty, with Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen. Armie Hammer is the dashing prince in this one.

Huntsman stars Stewart, with Thor ‘s Chris Hemsworth playing the burly, axe-wielding hunter, and Charlize Theron will be practising her best vain cackle as the queen.

The new title does fit with Tarsem’s fantastical, brightly-hued take on the material, which is in stark contrast to its gritty, battle-armoured rival.

Mirror Mirror opens on 16 March 2012, with Huntsman following on 1 June 2012.

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