TalkRadar 163 – Earth Defense Fart



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They invade our space and we fall back. This far, no further! The line must be drawn here!

Must-watch Batman: Arkham City video has 12 minutes of gameplay to drool over (opens in new tab)
Catwoman in action, impressive Bat-combos, our first look at Riddler trophies, and Two Face all here

QOTW: Question 163:What handheld gamedo you most remember playing througha holiday trip? (opens in new tab)
Ever been on a long road trip with friends and family with only a portable gaming device to help you keep your sanity? What’s the best gamethat got you through the holiday? Let us know in the forums,

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In the

Above: Brett spent a traditional Fourth of July at a baseball game…

Above: … while Chris spent quality time with his 3DS

Above: This may not look interesting, butthe picture was taken by THE Dan Amrich!

In the

Above: 4fromK made this bad on purpose

Above: Bladdercat also joined in on the intentional badness

Above: Good old Batman, you can always count on him

Above: Two doses of awesome art from Bladdercat

Above: cj2297 chose his side in the great TDar quotes battle

Above: grabboids knew just how to appeal to us

Above: hatebreeder brought our words to life

Above: poiman loves Anchorman

Above: Stupid awkward loser made us a game

Post date: July 8, 2011
T-Dar156 length: 2:08:02
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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