Takers director could helm 3D Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Takers writer and director John Leussenhop is in talks to helm a new 3D Texas Chainsaw Massacre .

Though the Texas Chainsaw franchise was rebooted in 2003 by Marcus Nispel (with a prequel following in 2006), it seems Lionsgate are keen to restart the series again with a grisly new 3D entry.

This re-reboot will “launch a new franchise featuring Leatherface and his family of cannibals”, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

Business as usual in Hollywood, then. That said, 3D can be effective in horror films if done right ( The Final Destination, My Bloody Valentine ).

Here, though, it just sort of sounds like an excuse to recycle old ideas in the hope of catching the coat tails of a profitable trend.

Unless Lionsgate are planning on turning the new adventures of Leatherface and his family into a messed up version of docu-soap The Hills . Which is definitely something the world needs to see.

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