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All V Rising bosses and map locations

V Rising boss locations are found all over the map, either locked to specific areas or randomly occurring on paths within larger regions, so a boss map can be incredibly useful in this regard. Players can find the bosses’ locations in V Rising by using the Blood Altar in their …

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V Risings best weapons and how to get them

A tier list for V Rising best weapons would have to take into account both PvE and PvP combat, as killing monsters is very different to killing other vampire players, requiring separate strengths, defenses and skills. Right now we’d say that the best weapon in V Rising is the Slashers, …

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How to Catch Fish in V Rising

V Rising fish are, to nobody’s surprise, caught by fishing, a little secondary mechanic that might seem out of character for a vampire lord, but is worth pursuing nonetheless. If you can get and use the Fishing Pole, a unique item found by killing the boss Rufus, you can use …

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