V Rising devs are working on in-game censors “to fight harassment and discrimination”

V Rising developer Stunlock Studios says improved in-game censorship tools are on the way.

The early access vampire survival game has proved a massive success for the studio, selling a whopping 500,000 copies in just three days. And while it’s hard to frame that as a negative for the studio, players are reporting (opens in new tab) an alarming amount of hateful and discriminatory in-game language. 

In a statement to GamesRadar, the developers admit they weren’t expecting the game to be so popular and say they’re working on tools to combat “harassment and discrimination.” These tools will apparently include stricter filters and options for players to mute offensive language.

“As an early access title, this is one problem that’s proved to be a bit of a pain point for us,” a spokesperson for the studio told GamesRadar. “We did hope for success but were not prepared for this volume of players. 

“We’re currently stepping in as much as we can in the most egregious cases, and what we can’t do by hand, we’re trying to make tools to allow us to handle them better. Where that fails, we’re hoping to put more tools in the hands of players to better allow them to mute and hide offensive language that bypasses our current filters.”

Stunlock didn’t specify when players can expect any of these features to arrive, but did note that “some of this can take time.”

“Even if the majority of players behave well on our servers, we will do everything we can to fight harassment and discrimination,” the studio adds. 

In the meantime, the studio says it hopes the admins of private servers “aren’t lenient with this sort of behavior” and urges players to “find communities that are able to better moderate themselves while we build these tools, and find like-minded people to face and conquer Vardoran alongside.”

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