Where to get Monster Hunter Rise Pelts

Monster Hunter Rise Pelts, like Warm pelts and High-Quality Pelts are important ingredients in crafting recipes. Like Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelts you’re going to need at least a handful over time to make a few vital items. However, unlike almost all Monster Hunter Rise’s crafting bits it’s never immediately clear where any of these things come from. The good new however it that they’re very easy to find once you know what to look for – specifically Kelbis. So if you’re in need of Monster Hunter Rise Warm pelts or High-Quality Pelts we have where to find them below. 

How to get Warm Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise 

Monster Hunter Rise

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Kelbis are small, greenish, deer-like creatures that you can find prancing around several maps. If you want to farm Warm Pelts en masse, the Shrine Ruins is the best place to go. There are groups of Kelbi in the northwest and northeast corners of the map, which are conveniently marked by areas 13 and 11 respectively. Kelbi respawn pretty quickly, so by running between these two areas and snagging some other resources along the way, you can hunt Kelbi almost constantly. Just note that the presence of a large monster can scare off nearby Kelbi, so you may want to keep dung pods or a Stinkmink handy to force large monsters to leave. 

Kelbi will often drop an extra item when you first attack them, but this will only give you Kelbi Horn, which is used to make Ancient Potions. However, once you deal enough damage to a Kelbi, it’ll be stunned long enough for you to carve it. They’ll drop one of three things when carved: horns, pelts, or livers. You only get one carve per Kelbi, so getting a stack of Warm Pelts can take some doing. But we aren’t exactly running out of the things, so just take your time and you’ll have plenty of pelts soon enough. 

How to get High-Quality Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise 

Monster Hunter Rise

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Kelbi drop Warm Pelts in low rank quests, but high rank Kelbi drop High-Quality Pelts. These serve the same purpose, they’re just a higher-rarity version. You can find Kelbi in the same spots in the Shrine Ruins at high rank, so this method will work just fine once you reach the later stages of the game and start crafting new gear sets. 

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