Street Fighter X Tekken director hopes to bring title to PC

Back in the day, you simply didn’t play fighting games on the PC. Besides keyboard control being slightly less intuitive than playing on a cellphone keypad wearing mittens while high, the conversions just never managed to retain the best bits (like “playability”). However today’s PC gamers are multifaceted gems, and as soon as Capcom gave them the opportunity to play Street Fighter IV, they immediately welcomed the computer port. So why hasn’t a PC version of Street Fighter X Tekken been announced yet? Producer Yoshinori Ono “doesn’t want to give anything away,” but assures fans the possibility is being taken very seriously.

“[The PC version of SFIV Arcade Edition] was a month late, sorry about that,” says Ono. However, the title quickly made the Steam top 10: “We are really happy with those results… We are certainly considering doing something similar [with Street Fighter X Tekken], but I don’t want to talk too much right now.” Ono also says the company’s considering skipping a 3DS version of SFIV AE and going straight to the Tekken crossover… but then, in the same interview he also mentions that he sent a team to Brazil to look for Blanka, so use your own judgment as to how hopeful to get.

Aug 1, 2011

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