Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor preorder bonuses teased with three new trailers

Capcom’s released preorder trailers for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, presenting players with the choice of three different multiplayer-ready armory packs depending on which retailer they choose to entrust with securing their copy. The pack you choose depends on what kind of a mech pilot you are: if you don’t know yet due to our not living in a future of robot-on-robot combat (or Steel Battalion’s availability in the shops), just choose the element you think is coolest.

Best Buy preorders get the Chrome Blitzer pack, containing armor with faster turning and increased destructive power.

Amazon’s Carbon Assassin pack will increase your mech’s sniping ability with longer-range shots and faster bullets.

The GameStop Iron Guardian pack contains a speed upgrade and increased defensive power.

The Kinect shooter releases June 19. Here’s our recent Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor multiplayer preview (opens in new tab) and a Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor preview (opens in new tab) for single-player fans.

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