Starhawk Public Beta starts January 17

Sony Santa Monica has announced a January 17 start date for the long-awaited Starhawk Public Beta. Starting next Tuesday, PlayStation Plus and Private Beta participants who were responsible enough to keep their Private Beta file will be given a chance to tinker inside the multiplayer component of LightBox’s forthcoming title. If Sony’s Reveal Event video is any indication, it should be good times.

Above: All you really need to know is at 1:04

“This is a crucial step for us as we’ll be testing all sorts of things, including game balance, server traffic, and general bugs,” wrote senior producer Harvard Bonin on the US PlayStation Blog. “This is also a chance for more players to finally see what we’ve been working so hard on. As we’ve been getting so much support and encouragement from fans and press alike, we’re excited to spread the love and get more input to make the best game possible.”

The initial run will be for Private Beta participants and PlayStation Plus members only. Uncharted 3 Beta key recipients will then be able to join the party on January 31, followed by Facebook voucher winners on February 7, website promotion winners on February 14, and everyone with a PlayStation Network account on February 21.

Sony has not given a firm end date for the public trial, only to say it will close “sometime after February 21” and only “when we’ve learned all we can and feel we can deliver the best product to you.”

Starhawk’s Private Beta wrapped up early this year. Find out what GR enjoyed most in our beta preview

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