Star Wars ebook now available from SFX!

Unofficial Star Wars DVD Viewer’s Guide now available to download from Amazon

As SFX continues exploring new ways to bring top sci-fi content to you, here’s another ebook you might like to check out: it’s the SFX minute-by-minute guide to the six Star Wars films!

George Lucas is a towering figure in the galaxy of big screen sci-fi entertainment. Few movies have changed cinema the way Star Wars did back in 1977 and even beyond their cultural impact, the original trilogy are still great movies – for a certain generation they’re cinematic comfort food, the sort of films that make you feel happy and entertained even though you know every single line.

These viewing guides will make that experience even better. Ever wondered who that weird alien lurking out of focus at the Rebel briefing at Sullust is? Wanted to identify the changes between the cinema and DVD versions? Struggled to spot the in-jokes in the prequels? Your prayers are answered, because we’ve gone back through all six Star Wars movies to give you a fan’s ultimate viewing experience, complete with DVD timecodes. You’ll even find out who asked Boba Fett to be best man at his wedding. It’s a complete unofficial viewing companion to all six films, from the makers of the world’s number one sci-fi magazine, SFX .

The guides, written by SFX ‘s Richard Edwards and Jayne Nelson, were originally commissioned by Dave Golder in 2008 – now they’re collected here to form a distinct, standalone book that will delight any fan of the ultimate space saga.

Click here to buy the SFX Unofficial Star Wars DVD Viewer’s Guide ebook now from Amazon! (opens in new tab)

It’s SFX ‘s second venture into the world of eBook publishing, following our successful Joss Whedon interview collection – if you’ve got a Kindle, iPhone or iPad, smartphone or Android device or a computer with the Kindle reading software on it, head over to Amazon and get them both today! They’ve only been live for a short while and already both books are riding high in Amazon’s list of bestselling reference ebooks. Wowsers. Remember, the Force will be with you, always.

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