Stallone and De Niro set to film Grudge Match in 2013

Grudge Match , the long-anticipated boxing movie starring Sly Stallone and Robert De Niro, finally looks to be moving forward, with both stars reportedly in talks to begin shooting the film early next year.

The film would follow the story of two retired boxers coaxed out of retirement for one last fight, but despite the blood-letting pedigree of its two leading men, Warner Bros. are billing this one as a comedy.

The studio have hired Get Smart ’s Peter Segal to direct, while Entourage creator Doug Ellin has been recruited to write the latest draft of the script. Where the comedy will come from in two elderly men punching each other is beyond… oh, no wait, we get it.

Stallone looks as though he could still hold his own in the ring, having polished himself into shape for the forthcoming The Expendables 2 , but De Niro hasn’t been involved with an action-centric role in years. Is he still up to the challenge?

We’ll only find out for sure when the film is actually released, with Warner tentatively eyeing a 2014 opening. So LaMotta or Balboa… who’s your money on?

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