Spider-Man faces the power of an Infinity Stone as Star attacks in Infinite Destinies annual

Marvel Comics has unveiled the cover and synopsis for Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 from writer Karla Pacheco and artist Eleonora Carlini, which ties into the publisher’s ‘Infinite Destinies‘ series of annuals, all of which focus on established Marvel heroes interacting with newer characters whose powers are tied to the Infinity Stones.

cover of Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2

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In Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2, Spider-Man will run afoul of Star, the irascible villain/anti-hero of Captain Marvel and Thunderbolts fame who possesses powers derived from the Reality Stone.

“SPIDER-MAN VS. STAR! The next can’t-miss installment of the ‘Infinite Destinies’ saga is here! Spider-Man thinks he knows reality warpers — but he’s never met Ripley Ryan,” reads Marvel’s description of Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2.

“Mass murderer and occasional Thunderbolt, Star is still searching for her own path…and the power to shape her future however she wants,” it continues. “But can the wielder of the Reality Stone really go up against a hero who’s fought gods?! Find out here — and get the next piece of the Infinity Stone puzzle!”

The annual, the fourth in Marvel’s series of eight ‘Infinite Destinies’ annuals, will also feature a chapter of the ‘Infinite Fury’ backup story which pits Nick Fury and Agent Coulson in a game of Marvel espionage cat-and-mouse.

“I love Star because honestly, she’s a massive jerk. I am beyond excited to be a part of the Infinite Destinies event because I A) got to write a Spider-Man story, and B) got to write Star being a massive jerk to Spider-Man,” states Pacheco. “I also put in a bunch of dogs, and some downright excruciating jokes.”

“I’ve been yelled at by both Jed MacKay and Kelly Thompson for making some of the worst puns ever, and my editor Sarah Brunstad has repeatedly threatened to fire me (with good cause)!” Pacheco quips. “Can’t wait for everyone to check it out! I think it’s a super fun story and definitely no one should fire me ever.”

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 is due out in July. Stay tuned to Newsarama for Marvel’s full July 2021 solicitations coming later this month.

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