Sin City 2 to feature Marv and Nancy Callahan

Everything’s gone quiet again on Sin City 2 since TF reported in August that the project seemed to be back on track.

However, if comic-book guru Frank Miller is to be believed, production will begin to roll early in 2012.

“Robert Rodriguez and I are finishing off the script and could be shooting as early as this spring,” Miller told MTV.

Miller also revealed that there has only been “sporadic contact” between him and Rodriguez in the years since Sin City was made but that they started collaborating again “since this project started coming alive”.

Sin City 2 is primarily an adaptation of the book A Dame To Kill For ,” Miller added.

“It also features the short story, Just Another Saturday Night and two new stories. One involves Jessica Alba’s character, Nancy Callahan, that I came up with for the movie in order to tie things together and make it be more united with the first.”

That revelation means there’s just one more title to be revealed, as Miller told San Diego Comic Con that The Long Bad Night would be one of the other new stories.

The big question is whether previous cast members will return for a sequel?

Alba seems likely given that she loves to work with Rodriguez ( Machete , Spy Kids 4 ) but Rourke previously seemed lukewarm about returning to the role of Marv and having turned down a chance to star in The Expendables 2 may stick to his guns.

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