Silent Hill Downpour Mystery locations guide

As you traverse through the insanely perverse world of Silent Hill, you will stumble upon collectible items called “Mysteries” that will help better explain just what the hell is going on. These items can range from newspaper clippings, memos, and even photos. Given how messed up the town is, any additional information about what it is that is going on is always welcome.

There are a whole bunch of items to find that will grab you the “Silent Hill Historic Society” Achievement/Trophy, so to make things a little bit easier, we have gone through the game and listed the items in the order that you can find them and provided images for each on what each location looks like.

Devil’s Pit (opens in new tab)

Town (Hillside) (opens in new tab)

Town (Pearl Creek) (opens in new tab)

Centennial Building (opens in new tab)

Town (Chastain Heights) (opens in new tab)

Town (Port District) (opens in new tab)

Town (Pearl River) (opens in new tab)

St. Maria’s Monastery (opens in new tab)

Overlook Prison (opens in new tab)

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