Shia LaBeouf turns against 3D filmmaking


Robert Redford and Shia LaBeouf were at the Venice Film Festival yesterday discussing new political thriller The Company You Keep at the Disaronno Contemporary Terrace.

The movie, Redford’s first acting role since 2007’s Lions For Lambs , sees the Oscar winner direct himself as a former ’70s anti-war radical forced on the run when LaBeouf’s brash young reporter exposes his true identity.

And going by LaBeouf’s press conference comments, it appears the Transformers: Dark Of The Moon star is enjoying his foray into more serious drama, and is glad of the chance to hang up his 3D specs.

“For me 3D doesn’t extend the medium at all, it’s just another way of looking at an explosion. But who knows, maybe the future’s in 3D dramas, I don’t think it’s likely.”

The 26 year-old, who in 2010 called the third Transformers installment “the greatest 3D movie ever made”, continued : “You can only see something explode so many ways. The oldest magic trick is the human heart, that’s a magic trick no one can really explain to you and doesn’t get old”.

Meanwhile, his director and co-star Redford chewed over the moral landscape of his new flick.

“Shia’s character’s story is about the personal lives of people who could get hurt by it. The question is, on his journey, did things happen to him that would cause him to rethink it? I wanted the film to be a question, whether he would push “send” or not, and leave the audience to maybe think about it.”

The Company You Keep doesn’t have a release date yet, but is expected to hit cinemas in the new year.

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