SFX Needs Eccentric Film Fans!

Are you mad about the movies? We mean really mad? A film obsessive, an eccentric (but rather wonderful) fan of the flicks who lives and breathes the things?

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If so, SFX wants to hear from you! In a forthcoming special we’re planning to run a feature spotlighting the most dedicated, most driven, most completist film fans that are out there!

If you’re among the lucky few chosen we’ll do a quick interview with you, probably over the phone at a time convenient for you, along with sticking a nice snap of you on our super-glossy SFX special pages. Immortality, in other words!

These are some of the sort of things you might have done have if we picked you:

• You once did a Friday The 13 th marathon where you watched every single film one after another over one long night • You own every single Star Wars figure ever produced, including that beefy Luke one • You once sneaked onto the set of Spider-Man so you could touch Tobey Maguire’s bum (and then got kicked off) • You own an original copy of The Dark Knight script • You’ve seen over 5,000 films and have reviews of them logged on a database.

Think you’re enough of a buff to be given the chance to show your passion to the world? Then get in touch! Email Russell.lewin@futurenet.com and list a few reasons on why and how you’re a movie nut and would fancy the chance to talk about your interests.

We’d love to hear from you soon!

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