Sea of Thieves Season 2 is live now with Forts of Fortune, new trading options, and more

Sea of Thieves Season 2 is now live with a cargo hold full of fresh plunder and new features, and Rare has outlined the biggest changes the update brings for its sea dog simulator. 

The biggest new additions for players in search of ever-greater challenges and loot are the Forts of Fortune, rare Skeleton Forts which appear with extra-tough waves of enemies and commensurate rewards, including guaranteed Athena’s Treasures if you can fight your way to the finish. Plus, if you take down a Skeleton Captain anywhere in the world, you may find some handy gold pouches to give your crew an instant cash infusion.

Before you embark on your next skeleton hunt, you may want to stock up on the new Merchant’s Alliance range of Resource Crates: load them onto your ship for a ready source of extra bananas, planks, and cannonballs. The Merchant’s Alliance has also begun selling Commodity Crates, which will let you finally live out your maritime speculative trading fantasies. Their prices vary by outpost and they fluctuate each week, so wise traders will be able to make a tidy profit by buying low and selling high. You’ll also be able to earn extra rewards by flying each Trading Company’s flag and acting as their Emissary.

However you plan to make your fortune, you can complete new limited-time trials and a fresh set of Trials and Deeds along the way. You’ll be able to earn even more cosmetic goodies if you pay for the Season 2 Plunder Pass, including the creepy-aggro Dark Warsmith collection. 

Rare put together a real-life Sea of Thieves treasure hunt for a young fan. 

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