Richard Linklater directing College Republicans

College Republicans , the story of future Deputy Chief Of Staff Karl Rove’s crooked campaign to become College Republican chairman, has been on the radar for a while now. However, things really seem to be kicking into gear both behind the camera and in front of it.

The Wrap reports that Richard Linklater is officially on board to direct the film, while There Will Be Blood star Paul Dano has signed on to play Rove. Shia LaBeouf had previously been rumoured to be playing the slippery politician.

Maya Browne will produce the film through her Bratt Entertainment label, and has described the plot as outlining the formative relationship between Rove and fellow College Republican Lee Atwater.

Discovering the potency of a well-orchestrated “dirty tricks” campaign, the two cut their political teeth with a run at the aforementioned organisation’s chairmanship. Naturally, no holds were barred in their contest with rival candidate Robert Edgeworth…

Atwater would eventually go on to become chairman of the Republican National Committee while Rove would achieve notoriety as George W. Bush’s senior advisor. The project is set to begin filming at Linklater’s regular haunt of Austin, Texas this November.

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