The best PS4 Pro bundles, deals, and prices: where to find stock today

PS4 Pro deals and bundles have become incredibly difficult to find in recent months, so much so it’s gotten to the point where you’d be overcharged for stock to such an extent at most stores that we’d recommend you buy a PS5 instead, or maybe it’s worth putting the cash towards one of the best gaming TVs.

Sony is winding down production on multiple older PlayStation models now, including the PS4 Pro and we’ve not seen stock at the recommended retail price in the US or UK for months. It would seem Sony is putting all of its manufacturing resources into the PS5. The regular PS4 deals are going much the same way too.

Our comparison charts below will try and find you the best PS4 Pro prices out there wherever you are in the world and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any PS4 Pro bundles too when decent ones pop up. Be warned though, most of the prices out there are insanely high.

At launch, the US PS4 Pro price was $399 in the US and £349 in the UK. And while it stubbornly stuck to that price, we did see it get discounted on a fairly regular basis, especially in the UK. Those days are long gone though and the only prices we’re seeing for new units are way over those launch prices. Not cool.

The best PS4 Pro deals

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Why buy a PS4 Pro?

If you own a 4K TV (or you’re considering picking one up) you can use a PS4 Pro to do more than just play games in 4K. You’ll be able to access things like Netflix Premium, which has 4K and HDR-enabled TV shows and movies and there’s a lot of free 4K content on YouTube too. But back to the games, you can find out which PS4 titles to check out first with our list of every PS4 game with PS4 Pro 4K support (opens in new tab).

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