Pokemon Go trainers will soon be able to use an official messaging app to make meetups easier

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has revealed a new companion app that will allow trainers to easily message each other to arrange meet-ups for raids, trades, and other Pokemon-related shenanigans. 

Called Campfire, the app will work in conjunction with the developer’s other games and apps – meaning the likes of Pokemon Go and Pikmin Bloom. Described as “a social application for the real-world metaverse” on Niantic’s blog (opens in new tab), Campfire will help players discover new people, places, and experiences whilst interacting with the company’s other licenses. 

Campfire will let trainers find other players in their local area, and will allow those signed up for it to message each other to arrange meet-ups – for example in the case of Pokemon Go, to take part in raids, trades, or battle a gym – and from the look of this screenshot from @serebiiNET (opens in new tab), the platform almost looks like a Twitter exclusively for those who play Niantic’s mobile games.  

Serebii Update: Niantic have announced a companion app for Pokémon GO and their other games; Campfire. Allows players to build local communities, organise raids and message eachother to co-ordinate. Comes to Pokémon GO this summerhttps://t.co/gDbXkHSvkT pic.twitter.com/f5FqVZTya8May 24, 2022

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There isn’t currently an official date for when Campfire will be able to work alongside Pokemon Go, all we do know is that it’ll be sometime this Summer. The perfect season to play Pokemon Go if you ask me. 

This wasn’t the only thing Niantic discussed during its Lightship Summit event (opens in new tab). The tech company also gave more insight into its previously announced Peridot, Niantic’s “first full AR application.” The game works very similar to how Tamagotchis did back in the day. Players will be given an egg and tasked with raising that creature as it develops into a completely unique Peridot. 

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