Pokemon Go is now offering trainers Pokemon Legends: Arceus costumes

Pokemon Go players can now pick up a set of Pokemon Legends: Arceus-themed avatar items to celebrate the release of the game. 

Announced via a Tweet from the official Pokemon Go Twitter account (opens in new tab), new avatar items based on Pokemon Legends: Arceus are available to all trainers from today. The new outfits are directly inspired by Legends: Arceus and are identical to what main protagonists Akari and Rei wear in the new Pokemon title, translated over to Pokemon Go’s visual style.

New Avatar Item alert!To celebrate the launch of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, new avatar items inspired by the main characters’ outfits will be available to all Trainers! pic.twitter.com/0jAk7RCDW6January 27, 2022

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This probably hasn’t come as too much of a surprise to Pokemon Go players who have noticed subtle hints towards some kind of Pokemon Legends: Arceus crossover for months leading up to the highly anticipated game’s release. Pokemon Go’s current Season of Heritage season still gives us serious Legends: Arceus vibes but we’ll have to wait and see if anything other than the avatar items comes of it. 

If you weren’t aware – and we’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard – Pokemon Legends: Arceus was finally released today after a long and painful wait for Pokemon fans across the world. In fact, Pokemon Legends Arceus was one UK retailer’s most pre-ordered game ever which isn’t much of a surprise.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t been a completely smooth launch for Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. Starting as early as last week, small snippets of Pokemon Legends: Arceus began leaking online including the gameplay, maps, and the game’s entire Pokedex. It didn’t stop there, as some players began streaming Pokemon Legends: Arceus before launch and even selling the copies they had received early on eBay.

Still not sure if this is the Pokemon game for you? Take a look at our Pokemon Legends: Arceus review to help you decide. 

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