Physics shifting IndieCade finalist The Bridge has very nice trailer

The Bridge is an indie game that caught our attention as a finalist for both IndieCade 2011 and the Dream.Build.Play contest this year. It’s been called a 2.5-D puzzle-platformer because it gives you control of the direction of gravity, much like the recent Humble Bundle 3 game And Yet It Moves. But The Bridge takes gravity manipulation and weaves it into meticulously hand-drawn environments full of impossible eye-bending architecture. Have a look below:

The Bridge is a three-way collaboration between designer/programmer Ty Taylor, artist Mario Castaneda, and musician Kevin MacLeod. It isn’t out yet but they expect to release it for Xbox Live Indie Games and PC in the next few months. There’s no word on exactly when that will be and there’s no website for the game, so the best way to find out more is to wait for the mysterious release date or check it out in person by going to Los Angeles for IndieCade (October 8–9). Obviously, the second option is the more awesome thing to do.

Sep 22, 2011

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