Mario Party Superstars tier lists ranks mini-games by how easy they are to win doing literally nothing

A Mario Party Superstars aficionado has put together a tier-list ranking mini-games by how easy they are to win by doing absolutely nothing.

If you’ve played literally any Mario Party game, you’ll know skill only gets you so far. You can kick ass at the mini-games and play the boards like a pro, but at the end of the day it’s the RNG (random number generation) favorite’s game, and there’s nothing that can stop Donkey Kong from rolling a 10 on the dice, scooping up three stars in one go, and then landing on a lucky space and getting a fourth star just before the end of the game.

The most control you have over your fate in Mario Party is during the mini-game rounds, and even then there’s a varying degree of luck. In fact, there are a number of mini-games you can quite conceivably win without even touching your controller, which would be a pretty boss flex if you’re willing to take the risk. Or maybe you just want to more strategically plan your bathroom breaks. Either way, Redditor JumpstarNS put together a tier-list that ranks Mario Party Superstar’s mini-games based on how easily you can win them while eating, taking a nap, or juggling your Joy-Cons.

i_made_a_tierlist_of_minigames_you_could_win_by from r/NintendoSwitch

According to Jumpstar’s list, the majority of Mario Party mini-games take some skill to win, which is good, but there’s a surprisingly big chunk where your participation apparently doesn’t benefit your chances of winning at all. 

In Bowser’s Blast, for example, you’re tasked with choosing a button to press at random, and the game’s RNG decides whether that’s the button that detonates the bomb in front of you. If you simply put down your controller and walk away, you’ll automatically choose whichever button is in front of your character, giving you the same chances of winning as if you were actually playing the game. Your friends probably won’t appreciate waiting out your little experiment, but it’d be hilarious if you won that way.

Here are some more of the best party games you can’t make or lose friends with.

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