Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer promises hard gameplay for those who can handle it

Nintendo’s released a new trailer for Kid Icarus: Uprising in the leadup to the game’s late March launch. While the game’s take on Greek myth continues to look about a billion times cuddlier than the exploits of Kratos et al, there’s a few hints in there as to just how much challenge the game intends to pose. As this clip reminds us, this is Pit’s first proper adventure since his NES outing – so the series hasn’t had many chances to get soft over the years.

We last saw new Kid Icarus footage in January, when Nintendo was showing off the game’s sliding difficulty-scale – which, again, bodes well for longtime Nintendo fans looking for an appropriately vintage level of challenge. And to think the 26 years since the original’s release haven’t seen Pit age a day…

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