Kate Mulgrew Joins Warehouse 13

The former Captain Janeway turns up for a 4-episode arc plot, and would love to come back for more

Mulgrew will be playing a character called Jane (and this being Warehouse 13 , expect some dialogue along the lines of, “That’s not the Jane way…”) whom show runner Jack Kenny describes as, “She is a Regent, a very important Regent. Her first episode (‘The 40th Floor’), will make her relationship to the Warehouse and everyone in it vital. And for the next three episodes that Kate is in (‘Shadows’, ‘Emily Lake’, ‘Stand’), we’ll learn a lot more about how the Regents are chosen, how they affect the Warehouse, and in particular how Jane will have a very strong impact on Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly).”

Speaking to TVGuide (opens in new tab) , Mulgrew remains teasingly vague about actual details: “She has mystical and magical powers beyond all articulation. I play an important part regarding the future of the Warehouse, and also its history. You will increasingly understand her mysterious value to the warehouse and everybody in it. One of the Warehouse’s artefacts has fallen to me to be worn on my person*. Within this artefact resides a continuity and promise that no other single artefact bears. So I must protect it and it, in turn, will protect us. I would say in my four-episode journey, many perils are withstood and there seems to be a profound awareness the audience cannot understand regarding one of the characters. It is a relationship without which the Warehouse itself would probably have no value.”

She also reveals that she would love to return next season: “Jack is probably the best show runner I’ve ever worked with. Full of life and inherently naughty. His Irish naughtiness sparks my Irish naughtiness… Jack and I spoke about it over dinner the other night. I’d very much like to go back and I hope we can do that.”

(* We presume from the episode still that it’ll be the bracelet, then…)

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