James Bond 50th Anniversary Poll


So SFX has spent the last 22 weeks counting down to Skyfall with a marathon rewatch of every single James Bond film. From Dr No to Quantum Of Solace , we’ve dodged lasers, outwitted diabolical masterminds, made inappropriate remarks to international beauties and wrecked enough MI6 technology to earn us a disciplinary. The things we do for England…

Now’s your chance to let us know your all time favourite big screen Bond adventures. Simply cast your votes for your three favourite films in the poll below (sorry, you can’t vote for Never Say Never Again or the original Casino Royale – we’re sticking to the official canon for this one). It doesn’t matter what order you place them in – all we need are your three faves.

We’ll announce the results on the day Skyfall opens, October 26th.

Block voters will be fed to Blofeld’s piranha pool. Or subjected to the merciless bedroom attentions of Grace Jones. Your choice.

Read all of SFX’s Bond 50 countdown here

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