Intriguing time-driven escape game, The Time I Have Left, just got announced at the Future Games Show

The Time I Have Left just got announced at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase. 

Revealed with a stylish trailer during the show, The Time I Have Left is what developer Ground Games is calling a “time-driven escape adventure”. You have just six hours left to live, and you’re trapped in an underground city known as Colony 7. 

You play as Aline, who is an Affected – someone cursed with an Affection that will eventually kill its host. However, Aline now knows that’s she’s just hit Stage 3 of her Affection, and now has limited time left. 

But she’s also not alone in Colony 7, as grotesque creatures also roam the crumbling city, which just means she’s going to have to work harder to get out before the clock ticks down. 

Other details on the game are rather limited, as it literally just got announced, including any hint of a release date. However, what we do know is that it’ll land on PC via Steam when it does arrive. 

It’s being developed in Unreal Engine 4, and developer Ground Games has been lucky enough to win an Epic MegaGrant to help bring the game to life. 

Developer Ground Games is based in Barcelona, and The Time I Have Left is the studio’s first game. 

According to the studio’s official site (opens in new tab), the studio “shape our work by distilling the essence of the forgotten gems that we love and bring our personal take on what a game can be, say, and mean.”

Stayed tuned for more on The Time I Have Left, it could be a great one.

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