Horizon Forbidden West studio shares TV settings to reduce shimmering

Horizon Forbidden West studio Guerilla Games has shared a few TV settings you can tweak to hopefully improve some of the game’s visual issues, including the oft-maligned shimmering many players have experienced.

There’s a new Horizon Forbidden West patch out today with additional changes to address various visual complaints, but in an accompanying Reddit update (opens in new tab), Guerrilla revealed how to adjust your TV settings to make the game look as good and non-shimmery as possible. Apparently, a lot of the problems folks are having with the game’s visuals are the result of certain TV brands, and playing with the settings can improve issues related to shimmering, sharpening, and screen saturation.

Guerrilla says the changes made in patch 1.09 have been beneficial according to feedback, but it still recommends toying with your TV’s settings “as certain features of modern TVs can reduce the overall image quality.”

According to Guerrilla, these are the settings you’ll want to tweak if you want Horizon Forbidden West to look its best. 

First, if your TV has a “game mode,” be sure to flick that on. Then, make sure there isn’t a sharpening filter being applied to the image, which can happen in certain game modes. Finally, Guerrilla says to stick with your TV’s default settings and specifically avoid messing with contrast, vibrancy, or saturation.

If you’ve downloaded the new Horizon Forbidden West patch and followed Guerrilla’s instructions above, you should see a pretty clear improvement in the game’s visuals. However, if it’s still bugging you, Guerrilla says it’ll “keep looking at ways to improve the overall quality.” The studio advises players with further issues to use the support form (opens in new tab) to submit them to the team.

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