Halo 4 extended trailer not really extended, shows Master Chief watching UNSC Infinity from slightly different angle

If you live in the UK and were watching England vs France kicking a ball about on TV last night, then you will almost certainly have seen the new extended trailer for Halo 4 during the ad break. If you didn’t see it, no bother – you can watch it here:

You may notice that it’s not ‘extended’ in the traditional sense of the word. As in it’s not actually longer than the version of the trailer shown during Microsoft’s E3 press conference last week. In fact it’s about 60 seconds shorter. And it’s composed entirely of bits we’ve seen before, only edited in a different order.

However, the ‘extended’ trailer does provide us with one exciting new thing we haven’t seen before (at least we don’t think so) – and that’s Master Chief looking at the crash-landing UNSC Infinity from a slightly different angle. This is the previously unseen angle:

Above: We’re pretty sure this is a completely new angle of Master Chief looking at the UNSC Infinity

Ahead of Halo 4’s release later this year, Microsoft will release a series of 15 minute live-action shorts. Hopefully they’ll provide us with even more fresh and exciting angles of Master Chief looking at the sky.

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