GTA 6 is reportedly sticking with a modern day setting

GTA 6 will be set in the modern day, according to a notable leaker.

Some fans are getting a little impatient when it comes to waiting for GTA 6 information to appear, so they’ve started just blurting out questions at known leakers whenever they tweet anything. While we certainly wouldn’t recommend pestering people online, this time it might have revealed a little tidbit about the heavily anticipated GTA 6.

Well known leaker Tom Henderson, who has previously leaked information about Battlefield 6 (opens in new tab) and Call of Duty, has stated that GTA 6 will be set in the modern day, rather than the 1980s setting which some people had been hoping for. When asked by someone on Twitter, Henderson retweeted their question (opens in new tab) and simply said “It’s not set in the 1980s and is modern”.

It’s not set in the 1980’s and is modern. 12, 2021

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It makes sense that GTA 6 will opt for a modern day setting, rather than jumping back to the 80s like GTA Vice City. This is because many of GTA V and GTA Online’s current systems revolve around modern day technology like smartphones and the internet. We can’t imagine Rockstar would be keen to scrap everything it’s built up in GTA Online, considering it’s still one of the most popular games on Earth.

We’re not expecting to see GTA 6 cropping up anytime soon though, as a recent Kotaku report noted that the game was still in early development in 2020, and GTA games typically have long development cycles. We have heard some whispers about the setting though, and while it won’t be returning to the 80s, rumours are pointing towards a return to Vice City, the GTA universe’s version of Miami.

GTA Online has been massive success since it launched a little while after GTA 5, and it seems safe to assume that some kind of similar online mode could accompany GTA 6, complete with all the creativity tools and wacky additions make their way across too, as the Mario kart-style races and flying cars have become icons of GTA Online.

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